Simple Fit Custom Cellular Shades
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FAQs - General Information

Key Questions:

How do I measure my windows?

How do I install my shades?

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How do I clean my shade?

Shade Removal and Trouble Shooting Tips

General Questions:

  • What are the most energy efficient shades?

  • Simple Fit custom cellular shades provide significant energy savings for your home.  All of our Simple Fit cellular shades provide energy efficiently, but for maximum energy savings our Double Cell or Sun Blocking Simple Fit Cellular Shades are the perfect solution.  Both block the sun's hot rays in the summer and provide cozy insulation during the cold winter months.
  • I have young children and safety is a big concern for me. Do Simple Fit shades have external cords?

  • Simple Fit cordless cellular shades are great for small children and pets because they have no external cords.
  • What type of window shades are most effective to darken a room?

  • Simple Fit Sun Block Fabric provides maximum privacy and superior energy efficiency by blocking incoming light; keeping rooms cooler during hot sunny days.  Our Sun Block shades are a perfect solution for bedrooms, media rooms, and nurseries.
  • What is a custom window shade?

  • If you exclusively design, fabricate and install a window treatment for a specific window, then it is known as custom window treatment; this design allows the proper projection, proportion, operation and finally beauty.
  • What does inside mount mean?

  • Inside mount refers to a shade that is mounted inside of your window frame.
  • How do cellular shades save energy?

  • Cellular shade fabric is made up of honeycomb shaped cells that trap air. This creates an insulating layer on the window. So in the winter your warm heated air will stay in your house while the cold air coming through the window is stopped by the shades. In the summer the reverse happens.
  • What size window will the Simple Fit shade fit?

          Standard Shades:
          Custom widths: 19" - 72" in 1/8" increments
          Custom height: 10" - 82" in 1/8" increments
          Top Down Bottom Up and Day / Night Shades:
          Custom widths: 19" - 72" in 1/8" increments
          Custom height: 10" - 72" in 1/8" increments
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