Simple Fit Custom Cellular Shades
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Day / Night Cellular Shade

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Day / Night - How to Install

View our video to see how easy our Simple Fit shades are to install.

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Simple Fit® Day / Night Cordless Cellular Shades

• Available Sizes
Custom widths: 19" - 72" in 1/8" increments
Custom height: 10" - 72" in 1/8" increments

• Inside Mount Only

• Available Fabric
9/16" single cell in Artisan, Translucent,
or Sun Block fabrics.

• Available Light Control
Day Fabric: Light Filtering Artisan or
Translucent sheer
Night Fabric: Sun Block

•Head and Bottom Rails
Material: Aluminum
Head Rail Dimensions:
1 1/2" high by 1 3/4" deep
Bottom Rail Dimensions:
1/2" high by 1 5/8" deep

•Mount Depth Required
Minimum - 1 1/2" (Required for installation)
Flush - 2" (Amount needed for installation
flush with window frame.)

Simple Fit shades have no exposed cords.
Simple Fit fabric is not fire retardant.

•Made to order in the USA

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Help for Window Name

Indicate your window or room description to quickly identify the correct shade for each window when your order arrives.

1. Enter Window Name
(Example: "Kitchen Above Sink")
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Help for Measuring

Measure each window individually. Provide the exact measurement. Record to the nearest 1/8" (round down). We recommend using a metal tape measure. Do not use a cloth tape.

Do not factor in any clearance deductions; the factory will make the necessary deduction for your shade to fit properly.

2. Enter Dimensions
Please check that you have measured accurately. All Simple Fit shades are inside mount. For assistance click the "Info" button.
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Day Fabric Help

The Day fabric for our Simple Fit Day / Night shade is selected from our Light Filtering single cell options of Artisan or Translucent.

3. Select Day Fabric
The following light filtering fabrics and colors are available for your Day selection.
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Night Fabric Help

The Night fabric for the Simple Fit Day / Night shade is our Sun Block fabric which has an inner lining to provide maximum light blocking for ultimate privacy and energy efficiency.

4. Select Night Fabric
The following sun blocking colors are available for your Night selection.